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From the Brink of Death – Abby the German Shepard Mix

Lincoln County Animal Hospital said this was the worst case of starvation they had even seen.
Abby, a 2 year-old German Shepherd mix, was abandoned in a house where the owners had moved out and locked her in to starve to death. When the Good Samaritans brought her to PALS, the volunteers were closing their doors for the evening. On this rainy Saturday night in May 2013, the volunteers knew that they could not turn their backs on this animal that was looking at them in a daze. Abby was so weak, she could not stand or raise her fawn colored head to acknowledge that she had been rescued.

Her sunken eyes indicated that Abby had been without food and water so long that she was shutting down. Her skin hung off of her body from her shoulders blades to her protruding hip bones. Abby’s skin and fur, although clean, was black as the body was preparing for death. With no muscle left on her leg bones, she was unable to sit or stand for long.

Abby had arrived with just enough energy to enter her final sleep.

Working quickly, the volunteers began giving her food and water around the clock. Special attention was given to her to ensure that she had many small meals and water until her body was able to process food again.

Abby was taken to the veterinarian where she was given a thorough examination. She was found not only to be in starvation mode but also tested positive for whipworms and roundworms which added to her body’s dehydration. Medicine was given to rid her body of the parasites and now food, water and rehabilitation became important part of her road to recovery. Within 20 days of her rescue, she was also micro chipped, spayed, and given her annual shots.
It took eight weeks before the signs of health started to show in Abby. Although she was still severely underweight for her breed, she was walking and slowing showing signs of a dog who wanted to play.

Her success is in her survival. Survival as death was within hours.

Pals has been actively seeking a Forever Home for the holidays. Abby is the sweetest girl around. A lover of people & life she is fully recovered and healthy. Abby is very friendly, affectionate, quiet & gentle – but very bossy with other dogs & cats. Her goal is to be the only beloved pet in the home!