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Small but Mighty – Eli the Toy Poodle

Eli, a 7 year old toy poodle, was found wandering close to heavy traffic on a main road in the Troy, Missouri. Only 8 pounds, Eli was not going to survive if he was hit by a car.

Suffering with Sarcoptic Manage, Eli was whimpering and crying when the Good Samaritan brought him to Pets A-Lone Sanctuary. Bare patches of irritated skin on his face, front and back legs and abdomen indicated that the mites had been eating, mating and burrowing on Eli for quite some time. He shied away from the human companionship and laps that he was bred to love as any human touching caused his body responded in pain.

Eli was immediately taken to the veterinarian for evaluation. It was not surprising, based on his size and condition that the evaluation revealed that that he was not only suffering from mange but also from dehydration and malnutrition. All treatable and preventable medical conditions!

His mange was treated and he was also micro chipped, neutered, and started preventative treatments for fleas and heartworm; standard for every animal that enters PALS.

Within several weeks, Eli’s mange was gone and in the place of irritated patches of skin was a beautiful apricot colored coat. With the return of his hair came the intelligent, highly responsive, playful, loving dog that likes to sit on his human’s lap and craves human attention. The volunteers were amazed at his calm temperament and laughed when he nuzzled their hands as a sign that he was ready to be petted and loved.

Eli was taken to an adoption event and found new parents who are determined to not let him suffer as he had again! He is currently enjoying a home where he is kept clean, fed and petted regularly.